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Welcome to Glowing Gifts - a gift wrapping service provided in London, Essex and Kent.


Welcome to Glowing Gifts - a mobile gift wrapping service provided in London, Essex and South-East of UK. We are here to play with colours and make your gifts look special. With our never-ending creativity we can wrap your gifts to your taste and at your door! We always place you first.


Glowing Gifts is a gift-wrapping service based in the South-East of the UK, formed in 2022. This all began with doing a gift-wrapping course as a hobby, which then became an inspiration to change career from the corporate world to the creative world. Over the years, we have understood that gifting is not just special to individuals, but also seen as a sign of respect in many communities. We want to make sure we are providing this service according to our clients’ traditions, cultures, and values.


Wedding & Engagement gift wrapping example
Festival gift wrap example
Special Occasions Gift wrap example

We are excited to decorate your single items, baskets and trays with stunning fabrics, flowers, ribbons, and accessories, suiting your needs and traditions.

We can help you surprise your loved ones with a special birthday gift hamper.

We can tailor your gifts with different themes, styles, and colours.

We also provide our service for Wedding Anniversaries, New-born, Baby Shower and Festivals.

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